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As a member of the Betty Ford Center Chairman’s Council, Ron Armstrong will always hold a special place in the heart of both my mother and me. You helped us write the history of the center and extend the legacy of service that Mother started. We will forever hold you in the highest regard and always think of you with profound Gratitude…” 

-Susan Ford Bales

Meet Ron Armstrong


With the help of his friend and mentor Dr. James Fearing, a nationally recognized addiction expert and psychotherapist, Ron Armstrong began his work in the addiction treatment field in 1988 when he took part in his first intervention. However in 1991, the catalyst for devoting his life to assisting others in their recovery journey was the tragic loss of his younger sister, Cary, to a life long battle of substance abuse. Ron began to assist other families by officially becoming an expert interventionist. He has been recognized by the Betty Ford Center as one of the top five interventionists in the country.


 The Intervention Process

The Intervention process is difficult and can be an emotionally charged experience. Attempting to do it alone is a serious risk and engaging a qualified third party to help you navigate the process improves the likelihood of a positive outcome.  Asking for the right help during this time can be difficult. When we find ourselves in this place, it is even confusing to know where to begin. Filtering through who can help and why they are the right person is a critical decision.


If you have attempted to have this conversation with your loved one or feel overwhelmed or fearful, let's have a conversation about what might work for your situation.  When you know someone whose addiction has emotionally taken them hostage, organizing an intervention may very well be your most appropriate next step. With over three decades of experience, Ron can help you develop a remedy for your unique situation.

Not quite ready for this step? or just out of treatment and need support?  

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Confused and overwhelmed?  Paralyzed by your own fear and need support working through the process of confronting your loved one?

Supports the process of developing the courage you need to take the next step
Need support post treatment and want someone to guide you in your transition home? It takes time and support to reverse a living trend that has often taken years to create. 
Post Treatment
Helps provide a roadmap for
sustainable recovery
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