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About Ron Armstrong

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My own sister's tragic overdose was the catalyst to devote my life to helping families and their loved ones on this path.

I began my work in the addiction treatment field in 1988 when with the help of my friend and mentor Dr. James Fearing. Since then, I have had the privilege of serving thousands of families while working with  the most highly regarded treatment providers. I guide struggling families with the proper intervention strategies to help relieve the suffering which comes, in part, with the confusion of not knowing how to help their loved one. Because of my extensive experience, I continue to be called upon to facilitate the most difficult and complex interventions nationally and occasionally abroad.


My approach to each and every situation is authentic and determined. My relentless passion for supporting families as they navigate through this journey not only comes from a place of understanding but desire to see humanity connect in a more meaningful way.  With the continued lack of progress made by the addiction treatment industry to connect its clients with effective continuing care resources, I’ve been offering services like the pre-intervention intervention and post-intervention methods since 2004. These methods assist people in identifying and understanding the accessible and affordable resources available to anyone that when integrated and implemented can make the difference between recovery and relapse.  My goal is to support those family members who need to confront their loved one but find themselves paralyzed by the fear of the unknown or preconceptions. 


Dr. Robert Dupont, the first Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (1973-1978) and second White House Drug Chief (1973-1978), wrote him in a letter, “Your business model is brilliant, and very much needed”.

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