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The Intervention
 An approach for engaging the person in your life whose substance abuse issues requires a catalyst in moving toward a sustainable recovery
“Intervention is a respectful and sensitive approach of engaging (not confronting) people who suffer from alcoholism or other addictive behaviors and providing them with a path towards their own unique recovery experience. Concurrently, it’s a process that helps support family, friends and workplace individuals affected by this imposing disease."   Ron Armstrong

No one intervention is the same. 

Interventions for people with a substance abuse issue are delivered in different ways; for a spouse it may be saying to the other you stop or move out, for a parent it may be to discontinue financial support for a child, for an employer it could be creating a last chance agreement for a valued employee.


For some, it could be an experience of having a third party orchestrating a process that brings people together to help them craft a message that invites the person of concern in to a direct conversation about their issues that if left unattended will likely end in a hospitalization, incarceration (if not already) or worse fatality. It’s also one that supports the common welfare of those affected being closest to the individual. It doesn’t need to be aggressive.

If you’d like someone with decades of experience to help you navigate the process of crafting and delivering that invitation for change with a tone of love and sensitivity that’s how I do it.  In our initial discussion, we will discuss the current circumstances and come to a mutual agreement on our a plan.  When the plan takes a different direction, Having support may just be the catalyst needed for facilitating help. 


Let me provide support for you like I’ve done for more than 2,000 others. 

How does it work?

Listed below is a broad framework for organizing an intervention.  We will discuss how these steps may support your situation.  

Broadview of the Framework for the Intervention Process

  • Selection of team is critical

  • Identify appropriate treatment provider and make arrangements in advance of intervention for admissions

  • Choose a place and time for intervention

  • Meet together for a pre-intervention meeting to prepare parties and finalize intervention presentation

  • Intervention

  • Post-Intervention Meeting


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