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Post Treatment
An influential step in facilitating a successful transition from
treatment to home
It takes time to reverse a living trend that has often taken years to create.


This level of care makes a big difference between recovery and relapse. Speak with any person that has been in treatment and you will most likely learn that while having done well within the four walls of a treatment center the significant work occurred when they returned home.

How does it work?


Transition support from a treatment provider is for both the client and their family. With the treatment provider, we will work on crafting a unique continuing care plan which will guide the transition and recovery process.  My services include more than traditional monitoring protocols.  I aim to support the person's transformation by walking shoulder to shoulder with them as they implement their new lifestyle plan.  The family is also supported through the transition as we have a shared experiences and conversations that includes diving into understanding the role of the family and how to modify behaviors that may or may not contribute to supporting the sustainable recovery process for everyone involved.  Remember, recovery is not only for the person leaving the treatment center.  It is an experience for all those who desire to commit to a sustainable recovery practice.


We will focus on creating connection to this new world. Together, we will do something you could never do alone.  
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