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A process to help you develop the courage you need to take the next step

After decades of traveling town-to-town, state-to-state, country-to-country, and family-to-family I’ve been blessed to serve thousands of families willing to rally at a time they knew they needed help in order to care for a loved one. A family intervention was planned, facilitated, and in the majority of my cases care was provided.  Unfortunately, I’ve also had too many conversations with spouses, parents, significant others and friends too afraid to even start the “intervention” conversation.  Paralyzed by fear, the person's inability to move forward becomes a heart breaking experience as some end up with a lost a loved one to overdose, suicide, tragic accident, or another life altering incident.  These people were typically too afraid to invite others into the intervention conversation for fear of what the exposure might have meant to their personal relations, security, image, lifestyle, and many others. 


The Pre-intervention Intervention method  provides this person the courage to move to the next step.

How does it work?

I meet directly with the person paralyzed by fear in an environment away from where the disease is active and most comfortable for them. We spend at least two days or more together, as we engage in a process that will reduce the suffering driven by confusion.  Together, we design a go forward strategy.

During our time together we may (not always) invite the person they’re concerned about into the conversation and to your surprise may find them engage in the beginning of their recovery.  If you find yourself in the place described above, leverage decades of experience and let me help you.

Together I’m confident we will develop a remedy.
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